About us

About us

NEELYS INMOPRON, S. L. It was created in this twenty-first century specifically in 2006, precisely when uncertainty was beginning to emerge in the construction, development, real estate and financial sectors.

So there was a great challenge ahead of us, and unknown, can we survive? Will we have the capacity to adapt to the new scenarios?

The answer is obvious “IF IT CAN”.

Eleven years have passed since “our birth” and we are developing towards an “adolescence” founded on a business trajectory of more than 35 years, in which there have always prevailed some values that are the pillars that have moved to NEELYS INMOPRON, SL.


During all this stage we have contributed to INNOVATING to find the COLLABORATION to promote ASSOCIATION and the RECOGNITION of the real estate sector in our society.

We are currently directing our professional figure towards what has come to be known as PERSONAL SHOPPER REAL ESTATE.
With which we intend to SAVE… Time, Concerns, Money and Conflict of Interest, from which we receive the commission of our services.

The natural market in which we specialise is the Balearic Islands…
Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

We will be delighted to accompany you in finding your property, whether for your enjoyment and/or investment!